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What is NA?

As you probably can see I am so new to this kind of blog thing which would explain why my blog has sat empty for the days. I started this blog because I wanted to share my love and passion for New adult book of to those around me. as you have realized new adult is quite a new genre I don't even think it is actually and official genre but its spreading fast around the book world these days.

So what is NA? 

New adult Fiction, also known as mature YA has be described as a genre in between young adult and adult for ages between 18-25. Or as the New York Times like to describe " a cross genre which some winkingly describe as Harry Potter meets “50 Shades of Grey” — 18-to-25-year-olds, the age group right above young adult". The age target really varies from author to author really because I've read new adult books were the main characters are 17 and I've read some where the main characters are in there late 20's (like real late close to 30) and even I'm not going to lie i started reading Na when i was 17. so really its all depending. 

Why we need NA

But hold up why is is needed? you ask. Well that is were I come in my fine people and I Debbie am going to educate you in 5 point. Why 5? well because i like the number 5 it has a nice round feel to it; but that is beside the point. I'm getting a bit of task here ......

1. Well every other age group have there own genre we got the children's fiction, the middle school fiction, the young adult fiction and the adult fiction. Well hello what about people like me the people in between where young adult is to immature and adult is two old. Well that my friends is why we have NA Its a cross between the two which is where it gets its nick name of cross over fiction.

2. Entering the world of adult hood is tough. There is issues of college, jobs, drugs, race , marriage, engagements, living away from home the list goes on. And the big one  the one that cause the most problems and the one most want t read about but are to afraid to admit .......SEX. Sex sex sex sex we want to know about sex we need people to relate to that face the same sex issues as us. Having gay sex, being VIRGINS when every one else has jumped the broom  What to do what not to do , mistakes wants, preference we want to know all about this but there is no genre that actual deals with this. Well not unless you read a text book or like a how to guide ....... but that's just weird. So your probably sitting there thinking what are you talking about Ya deals with these issues as well! And yes Ya certainly does deal with these issues but not enough  It cant really go in to detail because there is probably some 13 year old out there reading it. And that would be publishing suicide for the author because parents everywhere would go crazy and put the poor person out of business. Whilst Adult books deal with sex it some time goes over board and steps into  full erotic porn. So ya doesn't explore these issues and neither does adult fiction  but guess who does..... drum roll please...... NEW ADULT FICTION!!!!!!
3. I'm going to start my first year of college soon. Hell most people that read New adult are either in college, or have finished it. So why would we want to read about some 15 year old who has her first kiss with the school hottie. Or read about some 40 year old man that is going threw some middle life crisis, and divorced his wife to date some girl not even old enough to be his daughter. I no I don't probably when i was about 14 i enjoy reading about first crushes or when I'm 35 ill like to read about mid life crisis that but i don't NOW!! Which bring use to the main theme of this point. Maturity level. There is a fine line between reading about someone that is immature and someone that scores a fool 10 on the scale but when your at the early adult mark you need an in between New adult gives you that mots(not all) Adult and Ya don't give you that 
4. New adult books is not only enjoyable for 18-25 year olds adult can read it to, I know lots of adults that read it hell i even know a bunch of teen that like it to (not that its really age appropriate for them but hey im not their parents) making it an amazing un- official (because it not legally a genre yet) genre 
5. If your at at this point and your still not convinced about NA then there is something wrong with you. But hey i don't blame you who wants to believe some 18 year old girl who is still in high school. So don't take my word for it take hers........ 
Kristan Hoffman winner of the Prestigious St. Martin's Press New Adult contest says 
“The Transition from child to adult doesn't happen overnight--just as as anyone who is or has been (or is a parent to) a teenager. But the transition from teen to adult doesn't happen overnight either. There’s a period of time where adulthood feels like a new pair of shoes. The expectations of independence and self-sufficiency are still new, still being broken in. New Adults are the people who have just begun to walk in those shoes; New Adult fiction is about their blisters and aches.”
                                                      This excerpt was taken from Cally Jackson's The Missing Genre

And if all these points still haven't told you why to read Na .... well there is nothing I can do for you but im pretty sure you wont like my blog.....

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