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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

IM BACK !!!!!!!!

I know , I know guys I have been gone for like ever but I do hope you guys were awaiting my return ....... Well I can be hopeful can't I , I know there are billions of bloggers out there right now and there are more blogger coming up each and everyday . But I want to hank all of you for sticking by my blog because your comments and commitment really brightens my day so thank guys. OOH and dont worry I am now officially back and Im going to have lots of things going on to thank you guys so laters. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

GIVEAWAY :Addicted to you by Collina Brennan

Brennan - Addicted to You hires.jpg
Publishing date: June 25th 2013
Publisher: Self Published 
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance


When twenty-one-year-old Leah Carter's latest one night stand burglarizes her apartment, her roommate forces her to attend therapy for sex addicts. Leah insists she isn't a sex addict; she just doesn't do relationships. After all, sooner or later, everyone lets you down.

At first, the group sessions are little more than an education on how to be promiscuous. Until she meets the newest addict—blue eyes, killer body, and a smile that tempts relapse.

Psychology student Will McLean is posing as a fellow addict while researching a case study on unusual addictions. But the more he learns about Leah, the more certain he is that his desire to break through her walls and unearth her secrets has nothing to do with his assignment.

As the uncertainties spike alongside the sexual tension, the only thing Leah knows for sure is that falling in love would be disastrous. Too bad love might be one addiction she can't kick

Leah hated Thursdays. Specifically, she hated what she was forced to do on Thursdays—a program called ‘Heal the Heart, Save the Body,’ which was a convoluted way of saying ‘therapy for sex addicts.’
Despite her roommate’s insistence, Leah did not have a ‘sex problem.’ So she liked the occasional one night stand. So what? She was twenty-one and single. There was nothing wrong with wanting to make the most of it.
Yet here she was, preparing for another session where she’d have to listen to some old guy attempt to teach a room full of so-called sexual deviants the skills to function in a civilized world.
Because left to their own devices, they wouldn’t be able to resist the primal urge to hump everything that moved. Obviously.
Who decided sex was an addiction anyway? Or that someone should need therapy to “fix” it? Sex was good for you. It was a de-stresser. If it wasn’t, then you were doing it wrong.
She made a face at the platter of cookies set on an uneven seat a few feet away. She had tried one of them a few meetings ago, and it had nearly broken her tooth. They were sturdy enough to survive a nuclear apocalypse. They were cockroach cookies.
Maybe that was the key to these therapy sessions—to knock everyone out with stale confections so they were incapable of having sex.

Author information:

Colina Brennan grew up in a small city, which gave her plenty of time to read and stretch her imagination. By day, she's attached to her kids, and by night, to her laptop. She writes about the fantastical and the romantic, and everything in between. Addicted to You is her first novel.

Facebook: BrennanColina

Goodreads: Colina Brennan
Twitter: @BrennanColina


Monday, 24 June 2013


Yes guys its that time again and because you guys have been so patiently waiting, Im going to give you something to compensate you for all your troubles.

Eversea (Eversea, #1)Publishing date: June 4th 2013
Publisher: Self Published 
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance


An orphaned, small-town, southern girl, held hostage by responsibility and self-doubt.

A Hollywood A-list mega-star, on the run from his latest scandal and with everything to lose. 

A chance encounter that leads to an unlikely arrangement and epic love affair that will change them both forever. 

When his co-star and real-life girlfriend is caught cheating on him with her married and much older director, A-list hottie, Jack Eversea, finds himself in sleepy Butler Cove, South Carolina. Jack hopes the sultry southern heat in this tiny coastal Lowcountry town will hide him not only from the tabloids and his cheating girlfriend, but his increasingly vapid life and the people who run it. He doesn’t count on meeting Keri Ann Butler. 

Keri Ann has relied on herself so long, dealing with her family’s death and the responsibilities of keeping up her family's historic mansion, that boys and certainly the meager offering of eligible boys in Butler Cove, have never figured into her equation. But fate has other plans. Suddenly face to face with the man who played the movie role of her favorite fictional character, Jack has Keri Ann yearning for everything she has previously avoided ... and Jack must decide whether this funny, sassy girl is worth changing his life for, before his mistakes catch up to him.

Jazz grabbed a poker from the fireplace, and we both skidded on sock feet to the front door. I looked out of the peephole, but with no lights on I couldn’t really see a thing.
“I can’t see anything,” I whispered, and then jumped back as another round of banging started.
“Keri Ann?” Jack’s voice shouted over the wind and rain.
“Oh my God.” I mouthed to Jazz.
Her eyes were wide.
Do you think he got my message?”
“Shit, I don’t know,” she whispered back, her shoulders hunching up.
“Keri Ann? Please ... please open the door. I really need to talk to you.”
What the heck was he doing out there in the rain? Obviously, I was going to have to let him in. I could feel mortification and it’s crimson tide crawling up my chest to my neck.
Jazz shrugged with an apologetic ‘this is your mess, I have no clue how to help you here’ look on her face.
Thanks!” I hissed at her.
“Keri Ann! Open the Goddamn door ... please?” Jack’s voice broke over the last word and my shoulders slumped.
Jazz rolled her eyes.
I opened the door as a huge gust of wind blew in and wrenched it out of my hands. It swung back hard banging against the wall. And there stood the tall looming shadow of Jack, hands on either side of the doorframe, in jeans and a dark wet t-shirt that clung to his body. Water streamed down his beautiful face.
“For the love of shrimp n’ grits, girl,” I heard Jazz murmur next to me as we both took in the archangel standing on the threshold. “Good luck.”
I shivered.



Friday, 21 June 2013

Amazingly Broken By Jordin Williams

Hi guys,
I just want to clearfiy something I am not dead. I repeat I'm not dead . And I know I have not really posted anything in like a million years but I have actually been so busy. So for being such good followers and waiting  for me Im going to give you a well earned treat. YAAAH A GIVEAWAY!!!.... sorry guys that is not it but there will be one for this book and many other goodies later so hold on tight.

Life threw Elana a curveball... Elana’s mother died in Iowa and she was left to fend for herself with an abusive and drunken father who could care less about her well-being. After years of heartache and pain she graduated from high school and moved to Florida to go to college with her best friend Tiffany. A new beginning... That’s where she met Jaxon. He was everything she didn’t need. He was a cocky, tattooed, and a beer drinking musclehead. He was the type of guy that she normally would have avoided given her circumstances but when he offers her a bed to sleep on she can't say no. She never thought that she would discover they weren't much different from one another and that he had his own secrets and scars he didn’t want revealed to anyone...

Author Interview 

Q. Can you tell us about Amazingly Broken?

A. Sure, but I’ll keep it short and simple so I don’t reveal anything. Elana moves to Florida to go to college. She wants to get away from her father so she can start a new life because the past few years had been tough for her. She meets Jaxon who has dealt with things that are just as bad. Over time they learn of each other’s secrets and realize they are both amazingly broken…

Q. How did you come up with your title? 

A. It just came to me suddenly because Jaxon and Elana are both broken but they’re also amazing. So I decided Amazingly Broken was perfect.

Q. How did you decide to become a writer and share your work with everyone? 

A. I kept reading books and after a while I realized how many were by indie authors, A LOT. I said, “I can do that.” Now I’m trying prove it.

Q. If you could do anything other than be an author, what would it be? 

A. Professional speaker for teenagers because life can always get better! I’ve been there.

Q. What was the hardest part about writing Amazingly Broken? 

A. Reliving my past since Elana’s past is based off of mine.

Q. Is there something in particular you like listening to or eating/drinking when you write? 

A. Coffee!

Q. If you could pick a soundtrack to match your main character’s life, what would it be?

A. Broken Bones by Rev Theory 

Q. I saw you've actually done a bit of writing as a ghost writer. Were there any surprises writing under your own name for the first time? Did it make you nervous?

A. It made me really nervous because it’s my real name on the line now. Before, it’s up to the client to fix the story up. Now I had to do it myself.

Q. So when you're not lost in the worlds you create what other types of things do you keep busy with?

A. Frisbee golf and reading!

Q. What, if anything, are you working on right now? 

A. Well I’m in the planning stages of a book for her best friend. Something tragic happens to her boyfriend

Q.What song do you say goes best with your book ?
My book Amazingly Broken deals with two broken people who learn to love again after everything they have gone through. You can see below the wide range of music genres included. There is rock, pop, country, alternative, R&B, and a few others. The themes they deal with are love, death, abuse, new beginnings, and loss of something other than death. Feel free to check out Amazingly Broken which is live now. "Broken Bones" by Rev Theory “Falling Away From Me” by KoRn “Falling Into You” by Celine Dion “I Believe” by Diamond Rio “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum “Better Days” by Goo Goo Dolls "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne "Gorilla" by Bruno Mars “Is This Love?” by Whitesnake “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men “As Long As You Love Me” by Backstreet Boys "Addicted" by Saving Abel
"It's just rain toots, nothing to worry about," Jaxon said, walking behind me and cupping my shoulders.
      I turned and smiled. "I know. We have it in Iowa too.”
      “I know but you looked scared.”
      “I’m not. By the way, thanks a lot for not bringing a bunch of drunk girls to the apartment the past few nights," I said. 
      Jaxon’s dead silence alerted me that there was another side to the story. My brown eyes turned suddenly fierce.
      "Oh my god, are you kidding me?" I raged. "I should have known. I swear I should have known."
      He looked at me as if to put me in my place. "Why does it matter? You do remember that you said we were just friends, don't you? You said to be quiet next time so I was," he said, crossing his arms. He sat and slouched in the wooden chair.
      The statement made me pause. My face went stone cold. "Well, yes. But…"
      There was always a "but" in my conversations. I had an uncanny way of changing my opinions at the flick of a switch.
      "First, you want nothing to do with me. Then, you are angry that I was sleeping with other girls. Then, wasn't happy to not hear from me at all," he said. "You're f*cking messing with me."
      I looked at Tiffany and Lance who were sitting in silence and exchanging worried looks.
      "The only way you could be mad at me is if you liked me," Jaxon said. "Unless you…" A smile curved my lips. He pointed a finger toward me and grinned. "You do like me. You're just too chicken shit to tell me. I know your game."

      "Hey, don't you ever liken me to poultry?" I said, feeling suddenly scared that the truth was out.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


I'm searching for a co blogge  Even though my exams are practically finished (only have 5 exams left :P yaaaah!!) I have found that its easier having a coblogger and the blog runs more smoothly.

And after exams for at least a week i wont really be posting that much because ill be to busy doing this
(OHH who Am i kidding ill post like every other day im to dedicated to this blog to let exams get in the way)

fangirling photo: 4 fangirling.gif
and some of this

BUT mostly this

But then I'll remember that exams results will be coming out (on my birthday as well 22nd of August) so ill be doing this


so ill need a co blogger if you interested please click HERE and fill the form

or if you dont like forms email me at

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Driven tour and Giveaway !!!!

Driven (The Driven Trilogy, #1)Driven Review:
4.5 stars

Genre: New Adult Romance

Steam Level: Super hot

Driven contains a bit of an exhausted theme (but a theme that I LOVE non the less) of arrogant and controlling billionaire meets a normal every day girl and decides to claim her for himself. It is done well and I loved the unique backdrop/setting of this story. It takes place in California where the hero Colton Donovan is a race car driver and Rylee works for a non-profit organization that helps orphaned boys. It was emotional and heart wrenching to see the work that Rylee does with these poor boys and I loved the scenes where Colton stepped in to help.

Rylee has rebuilt her structured world after it fell apart a couple of years ago but now everything she’s put back together is threatening to be torn down again. I liked Rylee, she is confident but vulnerable and she is doing her best to just keep moving forward. My only complaint about her is that she’s trying too hard to be what she thinks Colton wants, to keep him attracted to her, it bothered me she didn’t want to just be herself. She is so confused by Colton and his mixed signals.

“He gets me so worked up. So angry. I can’t figure out what I want to do more, punch him or fuck him.”

“He’s edgy and reckless and you want to go along for the ride hoping to get a glimpse of his tender side that breaks through every now and again. The bad boy with a touch of vulnerability who leaves you breathless and steals your heart.”

Colton is the ultimate in damaged but controlling alpha male. We learn a couple of his secrets in his this installment but he is still very much a mystery for the most part. He drove me a little crazy with his indecision and contractions’ over Rylee: I want you, I don’t want you, I want you but I will destroy you, etc. He really battles with himself over Rylee, but since the story is told in first person through Rylee we never get to see exactly why he can’t make up his mind. My favorite thing about Colton? His dirty mouth!

“I want to take my time with you, Rylee. I want to build you up nice and slow and sweet like you need. Push you to crash over that edge. And then I want to fuck you the way I need to. Fast and hard until you’re screaming my name. The way I’ve wanted to since you feel out of that storage closet and into my life.”

This book is impressively well written expect for a handful of typos. K. Bromberg has definitely grabbed my attention as a debut author and I will without a doubt be reading the rest of this series and anything else she writes. Be warned that this does end on a fairly painful cliffhanger!

 A few part of the book are little slow and a lot of what happens if fairly predictable, but if you loved the Crossfire or 50 Shades book I have no doubt that you will enjoy this one as well. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Last Hour By Charles Sheehan- Miles (Thompson Sisters #3)

The Last HourMy Rating: RAPE!!!!!(5++++ STARS)
Publishing date: April 15, 2013
Publisher: Cincinnatus Press
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Steam Level: Warm 

Twenty-seven year old Carrie Thompson-Sherman has the life she always wanted: her PhD, a prestigious fellowship, and an amazing husband. Her life begins to unravel as a jealous colleague puts her fellowship in jeopardy and a haunting secret Ray Sherman carried home from Afghanistan comes to light. 
Hounded by a federal investigation and the ensuing media feeding frenzy, Carrie and Ray desperately lean on each other, until a disastrous accident puts both Ray and her sister's lives at risk. 
In the last hour, Carrie and Ray will each find themselves faced with a choice.
A choice that will change everything.

The severity of raw emotion and heartache in this story is incredible. The Last Hour is a contemporary romance, but is also so much more. It’s the story of war, the story of the unfairness of life, the story of a tragedy, but also the story of a miracle. This is not for the weak at heart; there are gruesome descriptions of injuries and deaths. There is no sugar coating what the characters are going through, it’s all laid out in plain view, every single tear, heartache, and torment you will feel.

“One thing always leads to another and not all outcomes are good….How did you trace back the chains of responsibility to a point where you could pin down completely? I didn’t know the answer to that.”

The way this story is told is pure utter brilliance. It is completely unique and every layer that unfolds will have you heart thumping, waiting to see what will happen next. The jumping in time from past to present only heightens the emotional intensity.

The relationship between Ray and Carrie is beautiful and is everything that love is supposed to be. They are true partners in life and their trust and loyalty to each other never waivers. What Ray and Carrie have to go through in their 9 months together is unfathomable, but the key is that they go through it together and lean on each other when it becomes too much to bear.

“That feeling that I could touch the sky? That’s exactly how you make me feel.”

Ultimately, this story is about choices, the hard ones and the easy ones, the ones that will forever change our lives. Books that affect me to the caliber that The Last Hour has are few and far between. Ray, Carrie, and this story will forever be in my heart.

“Small moments, missed opportunities, things we don’t see or pay attention to at the time sometimes have a far bigger impact on our lives than we would have ever guessed in advance.”

NOTE: I have read all three of the Thompson sister books and while they are all GREAT reads, this one is by far my favorite. It is not necessary to read the previous two books in this series and The Last Hour is 100% a stand-alone novel, however the family and supporting characters will mean a little more to you if you have read their stories as well.

An ARC was received for an honest review. 

To purchase  A song for Julia on Amazon --> Click Here 
To purchase Just Remember to Breathe on Amazon  --> Click Here
To purchase The Last Hour on Amazon  --> Click Here

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

GIVEAWAY & Excerpt: Plastic Hearts by Lisa De Jong

My life has always been safe. I like it that way. I grew up in a fake society where plastic hearts rule. If our hearts are made of plastic, they can never be broken. My parents have expectations and I do everything I can to meet them, even if it means giving up on my own dreams. 

Now, all I want is to be free to make my own choices. 

Dane Wright is everything I have been warned to stay away from. We met one night while I was with my perfect, parent-approved boyfriend and I haven’t stopped thinking about him. I don’t want to like him. I am doing everything I can to ignore his pull, but my heart seems to want what it cannot have, what it has never had. 

Can he measure up? He may think I am too good for him, but maybe he is too good for me

 Life is a series of choices and I have never been able to make my own. Until one day, when my heart decides to make a choice for me.

Purchase Plastic Hearts --> Kindle Edition
Currently only 99 cents!!

Plastic Hearts by Lisa De Jong 
Series: Hearts, #1 
Publication date: February 27th 2013 
Genre: New Adult Contemporary


I felt a finger under my chin, lifting my gaze back up to his eyes. “Hi,” he said. I couldn't quite hear his voice, but I could read his amazing lips under the strobe  lights. God, he was beautiful, the type of beautiful that renders me temporarily speechless. I wasn’t sure how long I stood there searching for something to say, but it was long enough for me to completely forget my own name.
“I’m here with my boyfriend,” I finally blurted. It came out so quickly I wasn’t even sure he understood a word I said. Why did I always turn into a blabbering mess when I was nervous? Did I mention that when he smiled, two magnificent dimples appeared? Dammit.

I watched him look around and then he smiled. “I don’t see a boyfriend. Sorry, you’re going to have to come up with something a little better than that. Try again.” Who did this guy think he was?

I pressed my lips into a tight line. “No, I’m really here with my boyfriend. Right, Jade?” I turned around to pull her into the conversation, but she was gone. This was not going well. This mystery man had unnerved me by putting his hands on my body and flashing those incredible dimples and there was no one around to save me. I was stuck on the dance floor with a sexy stranger while my boyfriend and best friend were nowhere to be found. Ryan was probably sitting at the bar, slowly nursing his first beer, while Jade was doing God knows what with a guy whose name she would never know.

I hesitantly turned back toward him until our eyes met again. He seemed amused as he continued to smile down at me. “So do you want to keep dancing? Or can I buy you a drink?” He shouted over the music.

Lisa De Jong is a wife, mother and full-time number cruncher who lives in the Midwest. Her writing journey involved insane amounts of coffee and many nights of very little sleep but she wouldn't change a thing. She also enjoys reading, football and music.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Freebies, Sales, & New Releases!!!

Note that all prices are correct at the time of posting, but are subject to change at any time. Please verify price before purchasing.



Great Deals

New Releases


WOW! There are a ton of great deals out there right now. My finger got a little crazy while I was making this list. ;) I have a huge amount of books to get through now! Enjoy!