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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Little White Lies Review

Average Rating:4.54 of 5 stars 4.58 
Steamy Level: Mild 

 Miles and Nicky are getting married.
Unfortunately, their wedding party is a tangle of ex-housemates, ex-friends and ex-lovers.
Leigha, Sukie and Harriet used to be the best of friends.
Unfortunately, there are some things you just can’t forgive.
Johnny thought that Leigha was the love of his life.
Unfortunately, he still thinks that; even more unfortunately, she never loved him at all.
Adam and Harriet might have been something, once.
Unfortunately, now Adam isn’t even sure if he’s going to be able to look her in the face.
So this wedding isn’t just a wedding, it’s a reunion.
Can anything be salvaged from the past? And what really happened between them all, back at university?

I was lucky enough to be given an ARC copy of  this book for an honest review and I most say i quite enjoyed it. I really didn't expect to but the author had a way to grasp the reader into the story; he writing style is fresh and grasp of fresh air. But I'm not going to lie the begging was BORING I was forcing myself to read it and completely lost it was so hard to keep track of 7 characters  who's who's, who like who, who does what? I was very close to given up. However, it got better much better and by the wedding i was grasping on for dear life

I most say i loved the characters they were so believable i often found myself comparing people in my life to the characters. I loved how every character was unlikely different , with so many main characters you would think that the writer would get lost . She didn't ever character had there own raw intriguing story.
I'm in love with Johnny he was so realistic , but very stupid there were times i wanted ti shout in his face and tell him to man up. I'm mean if a girl says that she doesn't want you, she wants other boyfriend and doesn't want to get a flat with you. You would think they boy would get I ...... but no poor johnny doesn't . I don't know how stupid you have to be!!!!

 I think my favorite thing about the book was that it was a cross references story that switch from the present (2012) to the past it was very captivated . And the love interests were very realistic not over the top and so close to home . I really like this story and am looking forward to further stuff this shinning new writer writes.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like an interesting Book! I will be sure to add this one in my ever-growing TBR list!!!