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Monday, 13 May 2013

Review: Every Little Piece by Kate Ashton

Secrets never stay in the past.

The night before high school graduation changes everything. Lies are told. Mistakes are made. Secrets tucked away. Lives are changed in the span of a few hours. 

A year later, Haley is still reeling, numb with the constant ache of guilt. She's in a place she never expected to be: lost without her friends and Seth. Until he enters her life again, dredging up everything she's trying to forget. Everything about that night.

Seth returns to his hometown determined to share his truth, his side of the story. He desperately needs to make things right with Haley, even if it means losing her forever. Because the truth will ruin any chance of her ever loving him again. 

Except neither of them are prepared for the shock of what really happened the night before graduation

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My Rating: Date (4 stars)

Genre: Young Adult Romance

Steam Level: mild

Geez, I was not expecting such a heavy subject matter when I picked up this book, it shredded me! This isn’t your typical YA romance, its about an established couple that is going through life changes and then the unimaginable, the unthinkable happens and both of their lives are forever and irrevocably changed. You can’t forget it; there are no do overs, there is only moving forward….if that’s even possible.

Haley and Seth have been dating since middle school but now that high school graduation is upon them they are questioning what happens to their relationship next. As excitement runs high and questions are presented, mistakes are made…

Haley and Seth become so wrapped up in their own grief that they fail to see the bigger picture, they fail to see how they’re hurting each other and their families. They are punishing themselves for things they can’t change and it takes another tragedy to snap them out of it.

“But all I saw now was white space, endless and drifting. There was no mountain to climb or goal to conquer and cross off my list. I floated through time and it let me wander.”

There isn’t a whole lot I can say about this story without spoiling anything, but I will say the emotional depth of the writing is incredible. There were few parts of the book that were a little slow for me and the some of the lack of communication frustrated me but it all contributed to heartache of this book. Being that this was Kate Ashton’s first novel I was pleasantly surprised by the writing style, it flowed really well and was so vivid you could picture every scene, tear, and emotion.

“My tears dry and somewhere deep inside I feel a heartbeat. A slow thump, and then another. Peace. For the first time I feel a seed of hope and peace. It still needs a lot of water and sunshine to poke through the tangled weeds that choke my heart and have been growing thick all year. But maybe someday.”

The epilogue was absolutely perfect and had me tearing up. I will definitely be reading more from Kate Ashton in the future. Overall, I absolutely recommend this story. It is about second chances, healing, family, and hope. A heartbreakingly sweet standalone with no cliffhanger!

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