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Friday, 12 April 2013

Review: Rebecca's Journals Volumes 1- 4 by Lisa Renee Jones

Below are my reviews for the first four novellas. All four should be read AFTER If I Were You and BEFORE Being Me.

NOTE: I highly recommend reading If I Were You first, the characters will have much more meaning and you’ll miss out on the Nancy Drew experience (I’ll explain below).

What a brilliant and COMPLETELY original idea these journals are! They are the journals (written in true journal form) that Sara, the heroine from the Inside Out Trilogy, hasn’t seen. And since they are Rebecca’s story and POV they contain ‘clues’ to the mystery that Sara begins to uncover in If I Were You. Who doesn’t like to play detective? So not only are these novellas erotic and intriguing on their own they are also an important and unique companion to the Inside Out Trilogy.

The Seduction: Rebecca’s Lost Journals Volume 1

My Rating: Date Me Now (4.5/5)

Purchase --> Kindle Edition

This journal chronologs how Rebecca gets her job at Allure gallery and also introduces us to her ‘mystery master’. The way Rebecca attains her job at Allure Gallery is eerily similar to the way Sara attains hers in If I Were You. It was interesting for me to compare Sara and Rebecca; they have so many similarities and differences at the same time. For example, both have lost their mother recently who they loved unconditionally, but they had completely different upbringings (one poor, one rich). The similar but different theme also applies to their personalities and the way they handle Mark Compton, Ricco, Chis Merit, etc. Yes, we do get to see almost all of the characters we fell in love (or hate) with in If I Were You. Only this time its through Rebecca’s eyes.

There is a short break in the journal writing and when Rebecca returns to it she has met her ‘master’. No name or description is really given except for this:

“He’s become a huge part of my life. He, who wants to be known simply as “Master,” has swept into my world and torn away walls I never knew existed, and that I’m not sure I want torn down. But he wants to tear them down. He says he will control me, command my body, and show me pleasure like I’ve never known. He will show me trust that is the greatest bond two people can share. He will fuck me senseless, and then do it again and again until I know nothing but him.”

Ugh, its so hot but so…wrong? I obviously knew that we wouldn’t find out who her master was yet, but now I am more curious than ever! There are some very hot scenes in this novella, but they gave off a different vibe than most steamy scenes do for me. Since we don’t know who the master is, I felt a bit distanced from the characters, like I was watching it rather than experiencing it. The steamy scenes seem much more dark and erotic than passionate. But I think this is exactly the vibe that they are supposed to give off.

The Seduction ends with Rebecca contemplating entering into a contractual relationship with the ‘master’ as submissive and dominant.

Did I find any clues in this Volume? Em, I’m not entirely sure, but I have definitely developed some suspicions (some that I hope aren’t true!). The clues are well hidden and kept me hanging on to every single word.

If you’ve read If I Were You, you have to read these novellas as well!

The Contract: Rebecca’s Lost Journal Volume 2

My Rating: Rape! (5/5)

Purchase --> Kindle Edition

The first novella sets the scene, this one begins the story. I started out reading these to look for clues to the mystery Sara is trying to solve, but by the end of this second novella I’m reading them just as much for Rebecca’s story.  Her story is haunting and sensual and has sucked me in and devoured me.

Volume 2, The Contract, centers on exactly that. Rebecca has received the submissive/dominant contract and is debating on whether to accept it. She is working out what she wants from all of the new things that have suddenly entered her life.

I’ve gone from having virtually no men in my life to being surrounded by powerful, talented, rich, controlling men, and it’s messing with my head.”

I really like the way Rebecca thinks things out in her journal entries. She has a lot of the same ideas and comparisons that I do.

“They are so alike and so different, those two. Mark is hard on the surface, while Chris jokes with the entire staff and everyone seems to like him. But they share the same underlying strength and power. Each commands the room when he enters. I want to be like that them, to be that confident, that in control.”

We find out a little more about the Master in this one. Not his name of course (you didn’t think we’d find it out that easily did you ?!). But despite his controlling and hard exterior we get a glimpse at a softer, sweeter and believe it or not uncertain man. If it’s possible, I’m more intrigued by him than I have ever been. There are some BOILING scenes in this one!

As far as finding clues, I definitely have more premonitions and ideas. I went back to look through my highlights and found a ton sections that had something highlighted with a note like: So does this rule him out or she trying to lead us astray? Oh, please don’t be him! Wait, but I thought…. Is this foreshadowing? Etc.

I’m loving every layer, every question, and every single feeling that this series is giving me! I CANNOT put it down!

His Submissive: Rebecca's Lost Journals Volume 3

My Rating: Rape! (5/5)

Pre-Order --> Kindle Edition

I find myself speeding through this series because I have to know what’s going to happen, but at the same time I‘m trying to go slow because I don’t want it to end!

His Submissive is about working out the details and lines of Rebecca and the Master’s relationship. It is darker, grittier, and even more erotic as we are taken even deeper into the bdsm world.

We see even more of the master’s hot and cold nature in this novella. One minute he is understanding and compassionate and the next he is controlling and punishing. The contract is discussed and contemplated even more.

“In this agreement you will make me your world, but I , too, will make you my world.” - Master

I like that Rebecca takes the time to think things through without making a rash decision. She tries to keep pleasure and desire from corrupting her thoughts/decisions. Writing in her journal is how she processes all her thoughts, all that has happened.

“How had I gone from being the girl who needed no one to feeling such intense need for one man?”

As far as finding clues/hints: I think Ms. Jones is trying to convince us that every single one of the men in this world could be Rebecca’s master. AH! My mind jumps from character to character as I read, I do think I was able rule out one ‘suspect’, but I’ll let you try to figure it out for yourself ;)

*side note* These novellas are making me think of public bathrooms in a whole new light!

My Master: Rebecca's Lost Journals Volume 4

My Rating: Date Me Now (4.5/5)

Pre-Order --> Kindle Edition 

This one takes place about a year after His Submissive. It does a good job of showing what has gone on in the last year and how Rebecca and her Master’s relationship has progressed, but it was bit confusing in parts because it jumped around in time so much.

Over the past year Rebecca has been tested to her limits and then some. She has decided it’s time to figure out what she really wants. She uses her journal to work out all of her thought and feelings.

“He is an addiction, and addictions are never good for you."

It’s started to become impossible for Rebecca to separate her feelings and wants from the passion and desire she feels for her Master. Rebecca began this journey to discover parts of herself she didn't know existed, but has she lost herself in the process?

“I grab my journal to write this entry, to explain what I am feeling so I can look back at it later and make informed decisions, not emotional ones. Tormented. Confused. Uncertain. Out of control. Those are the feelings that have been dictating my actions, rather than logic. Which is exactly why I need to be writing this."

Rebecca has really grown on me throughout this series, more so in this novella than any of the previous and ones. And that ending! Ugh! This series is the queen of cliffhangers!
I am DYING to know who her master is! I think I have it narrowed down to 2 men, but master two throws me off for some reason!

ARCs were provided for an honest review

These novellas are the epitome of intrigue and mystery meets eroticism. It showcases how something seemly dark and disturbing can be also be enlightening and passionate at the same time.

If you have read If I Were You, you HAVE to read these novellas! They are riveting and add so much to story line and at only 99 cents each are a great deal! There will be one more novella released after the release of Being Me. 

If I Were You --> My Review I Kindle I Paperback

Being ME --> Pre-Order Kindle I Paperback


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  1. Fantastic review! These sound really interesting.