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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Review: Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

 My Rating: Date Me Now! (4.5 stars)

Genre: New Adult Romance

Steam Level: Hot

First off, I did not re-read Beautiful Disaster before reading Walking Disaster. Personally I feel like I was able to enjoy Walking Disaster much more that way, otherwise a lot of the book would have seemed fairly repetitive. It’s been over a year since I read BD, so while I still remember the basic plot and characters, parts of Walking Disaster felt like reading a new story as I remembered specific scenes, sub plots, or conversations that I had forgotten about. My advice would be that you DEFINITLEY need to have read BD in order to enjoy WD, but I would not recommend re-reading it beforehand.

Now on to Travis. Travis, Travis, Travis. Oh how I want to kiss, lick, and slap every inch of his face at the same time.  He is a raging ball of emotions and every emotion that he experiences is oversized from anger to lust to love. In some instances his feelings had me swooning and lusting over him, but when his raging dragon showed his head I wanted to take a hesitant step back. I forgot how short his temper was and how volatile he could be. We see even more of that side of his personality in WD because there are scenes where he is on the verge of going off, but manages to hold it in so Abby never knows about it. Yes his temper scared me a couple of times, BUT his wrath was almost always in response to his intense uncontrollable love for Abby (even when he didn’t know he was in love with her yet). Anger and fighting is what Travis has grown up knowing and is one of the few ways he knows how to express his feelings and let off steam. By the end of WD (especially in the epilogue) we finally see a Travis that has matured and learned to get his emotions under to control to an extent, but Travis is always going to be Travis. Would we want him any other way?

The relationship between Abby and Travis is all-consuming, dysfunctional, and addictive. There is so much passion between them that they can’t think straight without each other. We see this even more in WD. There is sooo much angst in this book and I was NOT able to set it down. My heart broke for Travis over and over again. Even though I knew their HEA was coming at the end, it was almost worse knowing everything they had to go through before they got it.

“Maybe it was just me. Maybe it was just me and her. Maybe together we were this volatile entity that would either implode or meld together. Either way, it seemed the moment I met her, my life had been tured upside down. And I didn’t want it any other way.” ~Travis

The epilogue was surprising and sweet and helps to set up the books Jamie plans to write about Travis’s brothers.  But besides the Epilogue, there weren’t really any heart-stopping ‘moments’ that I hadn’t already seen in BD. Not that I didn’t LOVE re-reading some of my favorite scenes EVER written, but just be forewarned that WD is a companion novel and the re-telling of BD in every sense of the word. It is a beautiful and tormenting story, but it the same story we all know and love.

“Even though we’d put each other through hell, we’d found heaven. Maybe that was more than a couple of sinner deserved, but I wasn’t going to complain.” ~Travis

My Abby and Travis:

To Purchase Walking Disaster from Amazon --> CLICK HERE

To Purchase Beautiful Disaster from Amazon --> CLICK HERE

To those of you who are hesitant to read Walking Disaster because you don't want a repeat of the same book, I understand your fear and there is some repetition in this book, but if you loved Beautiufl Disaster you will love Walking Disaster. My heart raced and broke just as strongly in WD as it did in BD, despite knowing what would happen. If you haven't read either of these books yet, what are you waiting for???



  1. Great review! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this one :)
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  2. I am so excited to read this and your review has just made me even MORE excited!! Thanks for the tip on not re-reading BD.