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Friday, 29 March 2013

Feature and follow Friday #2

Alison Can Read Feature & Follow

Feature and Follow is a weekly meme hosted every Friday by Parajunkee's View & Alison Can Read 

How it works 
  1. First thing first you leave your name on the bottom of one of the host sites , (Parajunkee's View & Alison Can Read using the linky tools — keep scrolling!) 
  2. then you create a post on your own blog that links back to this post (easiest way is to just grab the code under the #FF picture and put it in your post) and 
  3. then you visit as many blogs as you can and tell them “hi” in their comments (on the post that has the #FF image). You follow them, they follow you. Win. Win. Just make sure to follow back if someone follows you!
Question: What is the most emotional book scene you've ever read in a book and how did you react to it?

I've have been racking brain thinking of a book this I got emotional about and then I found it hopeless. I don't want to spoil it but when she finds out about her past. Aaah I remember that day my boyfriend took me out to one of his family dinners he had been trying to get me to for ages. I was bored half way threw the meal so I took out my phone (have the kindle app on it). I read that science and I started bursting in to tear like literally in the middle of dinner I swear like the hole table thought I was crazy. My boyfriends mother trout it was because she said that the food wasn't nice in the restaurant.... Loool way to make a first impression she still thinks I'm crazy.

Another time was when I read the ending of consequences . I was so mad and shocked I threw my kindle across the library .... Well it broke .... And I got banned from the library for two weeks. The school as thought I was crazy and recommend me to see the school therapist!!
check out my review of the book here



    Thanks for visiting my blog! I've followed back via GFC!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. Haha wow, quite powerful reactions there! But it just shows how strong some scenes can be in books! Shows the true quality of the book itself ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!:)

    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy

    I also have a Giveaway going on: $20 Amazon/Barnes & Nobles gift card and 6 Exclusive mugs :) Come check it out and participate to win :) You can also request a FREE E-Book :)here

    1. i will be sure to check it out

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love the look of your blog! I'm a new follower. Have a great weekend! ps: I have a kindle reader on my phone too haha

  4. OMG! Those are quite the emotions! Sounds funny now, but I bet it wasn't really at the time! Can't believe they wanted you to see the therapist though! I can understand the two week ban, somewhat. It's not like you threw their books.

    Bummer about wrecking the kindle though.

    I've never had that kind of reactions with my reads. Except for one book I "had" to read in school. I was totally ready to throw it across the room! I refrained, only because I wanted to sell that damn book back at the end of the semester! Although another student did not refrain from throwing it against the wall...during class, or it might have been before class started!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  5. LOL, these are the reasons why I try to read only at home haha :D Every time when I read at school during classes, and I start to laugh at certain part, my teacher is just looking at me like I'm a psycho or something lol :D
    Old follower :)
    Here's my first ever F&F :) :
    Maria @ Maria's Bookshelf

  6. new gfc follower!

  7. Haha, poor Kindle D: I can relate to throwing books around the room, it happened with some really BAD ones that annoyed me to no end -.-

    New follower! :)

  8. Following you back now. I couldn't read your answer though, because the words are cut off on the right hand side.

    1. ooh im sorry about that hope its fixed

  9. thanks for visiting me. Happy to follow you back.

  10. Poor kindle LOL New follower!

  11. New Follower. I'm about to start a summer long blog tour so I sent an email to see if you're interested in participating.