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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Guest Review: A Song for Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles

My Rating: Date!

Steam Level: Warm

This book will grab you attention from the first pages, opposites attract always gets me! And Crank and Julia are opposites in EVERY way (I mean look at their names); a college senior at Harvard who organizes anti-war events vs. a tattooed high school dropout in a band. But they have a common denominator that also makes them perfect for each other. Music. The first time they met ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Rae Jepsen kept playing through my head.

“I closed my eyes, swaying a little, taking in the music and letting it wash away the dark thoughts and emotions that tormented me. Music had always been my refuge, my passion.” ~Julia 

The sexual tension between the two is immediate. And that first kiss? WOW! It came out of nowhere and had my heart thumping! They called sex “making music together” and that phrase really seems to fit them, although any sexual act is really glossed over without a whole lot of detail or description.

I really liked Julia, she wasn’t someone I could easily relate to, but except for a couple instances I could understand why she made the decisions she did. She spends at least 70% of the book fighting her feelings for Crank and focusing on the reasons they are wrong for each other. Control is something that Julia HAS to have in a relationship and she felt like she couldn’t have that with Crank.

 “I’ve got a pretty hard and fast rule. I stay the hell away from guys I’m attracted to.” ~Julia 

Julia has had and awful thing happen to her and has an appalling mother, SERIOUSLY APPALLING, but I got  a little tired of her thinking about all the horrible things in her life almost every other paragraph. It got a little repetitive and pity partyish to me. BUT, Julia’s character really grows as the story progresses and she is finally able to stand up and face the issues of her past and put them behind her (as much as possible in that situation) by the end of the book. And YES, she finally gets the HEA she deserves.

Crank. I loved Crank. He’s a mix of contradictions (in a good way). He gives off the bad boy rock star persona for the most part but he is the complete opposite when he is around his little brother Sean who has Asperger’s, he can be furiously protective of him. One random thing that bothered me was that Crank used the work frickin’ all the time instead of fucking. I mean he’s a rock star with a hit song called ‘Fuck the War’…pretty sure he doesn’t filter his vocabulary. I loved that he never gave up fighting for Julia. He did whatever he thought was best for her even if it’s not what he wanted.

The book’s cover does a job of showing Julia’s personality, but I fell like the other half of the story (Crank) was missing from it. It would have been nice for the music/rock star aspect of the book to be alluded to on the cover, I probably would have picked it up sooner. 

 How I saw Julia and Crank: 

This isn’t exactly how Julia is described in the book, but after seeing the cover I couldn’t picture her any other way. I couldn’t really find my perfect Crank, just picture striking blue eyes and tattoos under those sunglasses and jacket.

Overall most of the storyline was unique and different, but a few parts follow a common trend of New Adult books lately: damaged girl meets boy with a past and they help “heal” each other. But like I said this we done in a way that hasn't been done before and it worked. The story is told in alternation 1st person POV between Crank and Julia, which I loved! As a reader we got see both sides to the story and why each one of them reacted the way they did.

If you love the New Adult genre you will love this book! I also really enjoyed Just Remember to Breathe by Charles Sheehan-Miles which is the story of Julia’s sisters, be sure to check it out as well!


To purchase  A song for Julia on Amazon --> Click Here 
To purchase Just Remember to Breathe on Amazon --> Click Here

I hope you guys liked my review, I'll be guest posting for the rest of the week and hope to officially join Debbie on her blogging adventure soon. I'm looking forward to meeting more book lovers as well as sharing my finds (the good and the bad) with you guys! :) 

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