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Monday, 18 March 2013

GIVEAWAY and Review of The Lonely by Tara Brown

 GIVEAWAY at bottom of post!!!

My Rating: Rape!

Steam Level: Super Hot!

Genre: Dark New Adult Romance/Thriller (18+)

 “It’s what I call The Lonely. It creeps up whenever I’m uncomfortable. It freezes me up. I feel it enter new places with me, like it’s in the bag I packed. The broken bits of whatever it is inside of me, the lack of trust maybe, have never healed. Nineteen years of life, almost twenty, and I can’t get past it. It’s part of who I am.”

The author mentioned ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay as the theme song for this book and I whole heartedly agree.

I had a love/hate relationship with this book, but in my case the feelings were so intertwined that they I couldn't separate one from the other. So, 5 scorching stars for the knock your socks off emotional intensity of this book.

There really isn’t a whole lot I can say about the plot without giving anything away. You need to experience the ride for yourself. I don’t know how to explain the raging emotions that were going through my head as I read this. It was like trying to follow a path, but the path was really more like a roller-coaster throwing me upside down and off cliffs. There were many WTF? and wait…what??? moments during this book.

The story opens with the main character and her best friend moving into the dorms to begin their freshman year of college. For the first few chapters you are wondering what the hell is wrong with this girl and what happened to her to make her be this way.

“I can’t help but wonder I there was ever love and peace inside of me? Was I always so filled with fear and pain? Was there ever a time when someone held me in their arms and made me feel safe? Was I always scared of cologne and touching?”

I really felt for and liked the heroine, I can’t say that I could relate to her or understand her choices though because I can’t imagine the person I would be if I’d been through what she has. She is broken, but strong and full of self-preservation. All she wants to be is normal. But what is normal, really?

WARNING: Be prepared that just when you think you know the direction this story is taking, your world will be flipped upside down!

This is a romance, but….not. There a happy ending complete with an epilogue, but it’s a dark and ugly journey to get there and at times you will be wondering which end is up. I hope I have intrigued you enough to give this book a try for yourself!

My casting for the main characters:

The Lost Boy by Tara Brown is a companion novel that will be coming out later this year! Be sure to check it out!

To purchase a kindle version of The Lonely --> CLICK HERE

I will be gifting a copy of The Lonely to one lucky commenter! What do you have to do? Just subscribe to this blog and leave a comment with your email address! I will choose a lucky commenter on Friday, March 22nd to send a kindle version of the book too! Good Luck!
Winner Selected: Congrats to Devon Youngblood! You have been emailed and have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen. Thanks to all who entered!



  1. hey there your review has intrigued me i cant wait to get my hands on this book im already a follower via email and im hope im lucky

  2. Awesome. Really want to read this.
    Devon Youngblood

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Interesting....No comments yet I'm the first wow. That is a first! Maybe I'll win something for a change. That would be awesome if I did.