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Friday, 15 March 2013

Review of Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

My Rating: Date!

Steam Level: Super Hot!

Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance/New Adult

I wasn’t able to write this review right away because my emotions upon finishing it were all over the place. I was pissed off, confused, happy, and honestly didn’t know what to feel, but I think that was part of the draw of the story for me. I even hesitate to rate the book a ‘Date’ because the emotions and actions that it contains are really better described as a ‘rape’ rating! It is not your normal blissful love story, but I knew that going into it and was okay with that. There are plenty of heart stopping passionate moments, but there are even more jaw dropping moments that will have you spewing a string of cuss words. You will have hated and loved each character by the end.

Deuce is the president of a motorcycle club and Eva is the daughter of the president of a rival club. Between the drama this causes and the age difference between the two be ready for angsty and messed up ride.

The relationship between Deuce and Eva spans their lifetime. It was beautiful and emotional. It was volatile and impulsive. It was offensive and revolting. It was love at its best and love at its worst.

The short and sweet prologue had me hooked. I started out really falling in love with Deuce in the first few chapters. He was undeniably attracted to Eva from the beginning but battled with himself to try and keep from doing something he shouldn’t. Unfortunately my attraction to him was short lived, the way he ended up treating Eva and some of the things he did were unforgivable in my eyes. And for the most part Eva just rolled over and let him treat her like shit, I was really hoping to see some EPIC groveling in the end but was left underwhelmed. Eva accepts him back happily with nothing more than a ‘I’m sorry I won’t do it again’. BUT you have to keep in mind that that is the type of lifestyle that Eva and Deuce have been raised in and its all they know.

Eva has her flaws as well, but she is strong and determined to do things her way. I liked her spunk and her personality. There were some obvious things she did that I didn’t like, but, well that’s how she was raised. In this book you really are transported into another world and the rules are different, their society doesn't fit into normal boundaries.

All of the supporting characters were well developed and added to the story. Kimi was awesome and I want her for a best friend. Frankie…there just…aren’t words for how deranged, terrifying, and fucked up he was. My heart broke for Eva every time she was with him and the ending? Gah!! All the boys in the MC clubs were perverse, loyal, and won me over for the most part. I can’t wait to read more about them in the next book.

Does this book have an HEA? Eh, yes and no. Do Eva and Deuce finally end up together? Yes. But, was the treacherous journey to get there worth the end result? I think that answer will depend on the individual reader. I read a lot of dark romance; in fact I prefer them a lot of the time. But this journey took me places I’m still not entirely sure I wanted to go.

If you’re looking for a book that will give your heart an rollercoasters ride, a book that will make you want to throw your kindle at the wall, a book that will you have cringing, swooning, and cussing all on the same page then THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! Despites some of my rants in this review, I still loved the story and characters and will be recommending it to all my friends that enjoy a darker, grittier love story. And a love story it is, and epic love story that spans a lifetime.

For all of my friends out there that encouraged me to read this: Thank you! I love a book that pushes me outside my comfort zone and puts me into a different world.

WARNING: If you’re offended easily, you might want to pass. This story contains cheating, thousands of foul words, rape, and degrading of women.

To purchase Undeniable on Amazon --> Click HERE

Unbeautifuly by Madeline Sheehan will be coming out later this year and will be the story of Ripper and Danny (Decue's daughter).


1 comment:

  1. Great review!! I had never seen your blog before, but the lovely Madeline just gave this review a shout out on twitter for being awesome, and it is.