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Saturday, 9 March 2013

WANTED: A CO-Blogger

Im in my final year of sixith form and a lot of things have been so hectic with revising for exams , course work deadlines and more revising for exams. So I don’t really have that much time to be able to update my blog that much till july. So now I need a co-blogger. Now i found someone i really like but ive been told choosing a co blogger is a very serious thing and should not be rushed. So i want to know if there is any one out there that has similar taste of books as me and has like the same type of writing styles  So if your interested in the position you have to:
1)Like na 
2)Send me a short kind of summary of your work (if you cant we will work something out
3)Your email
4)And anything else that I cant really think of but if you think that its good add it.
I'll probably like to run a guest post so i can see how your writing is withing in the style of my blog (and so those of you that couldn't give me a summary of there work we get a chance for me to see how they write

every one needs a partner in crime so if your interested please contact me !

oh ps if you dont want everyone like seeing your email and stuff you ca sen this info to my email i no its a bit silly so dont laugh but i made it when i was like 12 in in those days names like these were considered cool LOL)


  1. Hi Debbie!
    Good luck finding a co-blogger: I think it's admirable of you to keep continuing your blog while studying: a lot of people just stop to focus on studies!

    Best of luck and work hard!
    P.S. I'm barely keeping my blog alive, and unfortunately I don't think I'd be the right co-blogger for your blog!

    1. ooh thanks i thought people would be offended if i just left it or they might just like un follow me that would like break my heart so i thought. let me get a co blogger but im a bit scared to how it might work but hopeful i find some one who like me.... my book twin that would be like soo awesome

  2. Hey Debbie! I'm looking for blogs looking for associate reviewers and I'd be really psyched to be part of yours! Just tell me what to do to be accepted, I'll be up for it! :) my email address is hoping to hear from you soon! :)

  3. Good luck with finding a Co-blogger and most of all good luck on your exams ;)

    Haha, and don't worry about your email name, I also have a very silly personal email address which I made when I was 14 :P

    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy